to_munich Export spatial emissions objects according the format required by MUNICH. This function was designed to read street emissions from VEIN by it can be used to read any other.

to_munich(sdf, idbrin, typo, width, height, crs = 4326)



Street Emissions object class 'sf' LINESTRING or "SpatialLinesdataFrame". The columns are the emissions.


Integer; id.


Integer; id2.


Integer; width.


Integer; heigth.


Numeric; Coordenade Reference System to project data or not.


A list with a data frame with columns "i", "idbrin", "typo", "xa", "ya", "xb", "yb" and the pollutants; and another data.frame with "i", "length" (m), "width" (with value 0) and "height" (with value 0). Width and height must be obtained by the user.


The user must ensure that the spatial object has one line feature per vertex and lines with more than one vertex must be previously splitted. the resulting units must be ug/km/h


Kim, Y., Wu, Y., Seigneur, C., and Roustan, Y.: Multi-scale modeling of urban air pollution: development and application of a Street-in-Grid model (v1.0) by coupling MUNICH (v1.0) and Polair3D (v1.8.1), Geosci. Model Dev., 11, 611-629,, 2018.


if (FALSE) { # Not run library(vein) library(units) library(sf) data(net) data(pc_profile) data(profiles) data(fkm) PC_G <- c(33491,22340,24818,31808,46458,28574,24856,28972,37818,49050,87923, 133833,138441,142682,171029,151048,115228,98664,126444,101027, 84771,55864,36306,21079,20138,17439, 7854,2215,656,1262,476,512, 1181, 4991, 3711, 5653, 7039, 5839, 4257,3824, 3068) pc1 <- my_age(x = net$ldv, y = PC_G, name = "PC") # Estimation for morning rush hour and local emission factors and speed speed <- data.frame(S8 = net$ps) lef <- EmissionFactorsList(ef_cetesb("CO", "PC_G", agemax = ncol(pc1))) E_CO <- emis(veh = pc1, lkm = net$lkm, ef = lef, speed = speed) # rowSums drop units net$CO <- set_units(rowSums(E_CO), g/h) # selecting only CO and exploding lines and updating emissions df <- st_explode(net["CO"]) # st_explode should not drop units, must fix df$CO <- set_units(df$CO, g/h) # now we have split line in vertex # selecting 1000 links dfco <- df[1:1000,"CO"] ########### #MUNICH relies in a python script that reads emissions with units ug/km/h # Therefore dfco$CO <- set_units(dfco$CO, ug/h) dfco$CO<- dfco$CO/set_units(st_length(dfco), km) etm <- to_munich(sdf = dfco) names(etm) class(etm) head(etm$Emissions) head(etm$Street) write.table(x = etm$Emissions, file = paste0(tempfile(), "_Emissions.txt"), row.names = FALSE, sep = " ", quote = FALSE) write.table(x = etm$Street, file = paste0(tempfile(), "_Street.txt"), row.names = FALSE, sep = " ", quote = FALSE) }