Exporting emissions to atmospheric models, eixport: 0.5.1

Emissions are mass that affects atmosphere in complex ways, not only physical, but also, in the health of humans, ecosystems, economically, etc.

There are several models whose inputs are emissions, such as R-Line or WRF-Chem. This R-Package provide functions to read emissions from VEIN and from other models in different formats and export the emissions into the appropriate format suitable to other models.


To install the CRAN version:


To install the development version:


Some functions:

  • get_edgar: Download EDGAR emissions data.
  • to_rline: Export emissions to other formats
  • to_wrf: Combine total/spatial/temporal/split and write emission to file
  • to_brams_spm: inputs for SPM BRAMS
  • wrf_profile: Create spatial profile for WRF-Chem
  • wrf_create: Create emission files to the WRF-Chem
  • wrf_plot: simple but useful plot
  • wrf_get: Read variables
  • wrf_put: Write variables
  • to_as4wrf: Create WRF-Chem inputs using NCL scrip AS4WRF.ncl.
  • to_munich: To generate inputs for MUNICH model.


file = paste0(system.file("extdata", package = "eixport"),"/wrfinput_d02")
wrf_summary(file = file)
#>   |                                                                              |                                                                      |   0%  |                                                                              |=======================                                               |  33%  |                                                                              |===============================================                       |  67%  |                                                                              |======================================================================| 100%
#>                Min.       1st Qu.        Median          Mean       3rd Qu.
#> Times  1.312168e+09  1.312168e+09  1.312168e+09  1.312168e+09  1.312168e+09
#> XLAT  -2.438538e+01 -2.405025e+01 -2.370471e+01 -2.370379e+01 -2.335773e+01
#> XLONG -4.742899e+01 -4.696930e+01 -4.650305e+01 -4.650304e+01 -4.603427e+01
#>                Max.        sum
#> Times  1.312168e+09         NA
#> XLAT  -2.301877e+01  -76160.28
#> XLONG -4.558643e+01 -149414.28

Attributes as data.frame

file = paste0(system.file("extdata", package = "eixport"),"/wrfinput_d02")
f <- wrf_meta(file)
#> [1] "global" "vars"
#>                          att                                       vars
#> 1                      TITLE  OUTPUT FROM REAL_EM V3.9.1.1 PREPROCESSOR
#> 2                 START_DATE                        2011-08-01_00:00:00
#> 3      SIMULATION_START_DATE                        2011-08-01_00:00:00
#> 4   WEST-EAST_GRID_DIMENSION                                         64
#> 5 SOUTH-NORTH_GRID_DIMENSION                                         52
#> 6  BOTTOM-TOP_GRID_DIMENSION                                         35
#>    vars MemoryOrder                 description        units stagger FieldType
#> 1  XLAT          XY LATITUDE, SOUTH IS NEGATIVE degree north               104
#> 2 XLONG          XY LONGITUDE, WEST IS NEGATIVE  degree east               104

Paper on Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS)


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