The goal of koffing is to assemble R functions to catch (scrape) air pollution data. koffing is from the same creator of the blog Rpollution. Newer versions of this scraper can be found here.


You can install koffing from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

CETESB scraper

To scrape data from the CETESB qualar system, use the function scraper_cetesb().


  parameter = 99, 
  station = 17, 
  start = "01/01/2018", 
  end = "31/01/2018", 
  login = "login", 
  password = "password"

If you substitute the values login and password by your login and password from the Qualar system, this example will return the hourly NO concentrations from the Pinheiros station for January 2018.