ef_cetesb returns a vector or data.frame of Brazilian emission factors.

ef_cetesb(p, veh, year = 2017, agemax = 40, full = FALSE,
  project = "constant")




Pollutants: "CO", "HC", "NMHC", "CH4", "NOx", "CO2","RCHO", "ETOH", "PM", "N2O", "KML", "FC", "NO2d", "NOd", "gD/KWH", "gCO2/KWH", "RCHOd", "CO_0km", "HC_0km", "NMHC_0km", "NOx_0km", "NO2_0km" ,"NO_0km", "RCHO_0km" and "ETOH_0km", (g/km). Evaporative emissions at average temperature ranges: "D_20_35", "S_20_35", "R_20_35", "D_10_25", "S_10_25", "R_10_25", "D_0_15", "S_0_15" and "R_0_15" where D means diurnal (g/day), S hot/warm soak (g/trip) and R hot/warm running losses (g/trip).


Character; Vehicle categories: "PC_G", "PC_FG", "PC_FE", "PC_E", "LCV_G", "LCV_FG", "LCV_FE", "LCV_E", "LCV_D", "SLT", "LT", "MT", "SHT", "HT", "UB", "SUB", "COACH", "ARTIC", "M_G_150", "M_G_150_500", "M_G_500", "M_FG_150", "M_FG_150_500", "M_FG_500", "M_FE_150", "M_FE_150_500", "M_FE_500", "CICLOMOTOR", "GNV"


Numeric; Filter the emission factor to start from a specific base year. If project is 'constant' values above 2017 and below 1980 will be repeated


Integer; age of oldest vehicles for that category


Logical; To return a data.frame instead or a vector adding Age, Year, Brazilian emissions standards and its euro equivalents.


haracter showing the method for projecting emission factors in future. Currently the only value is "constant"


A vector of Emission Factor or a data.frame


This emission factors are not exactly the same as the report of CETESB.

1) In this emission factors, there is also NO and NO2 based on split by published in the EMEP/EEA air pollutant emission inventory guidebook.

2) Also, the emission factors were extended till 50 years of use, repeating the oldest value.

3) CNG emission factors were expanded to other pollutants by comparison of US.EPA-AP42 emission factor: Section 1.4 Natural Gas Combustion.

In the previous versions I used the letter 'd' for deteriorated. I removed the letter 'd' internally to not break older code.


Emissoes Veiculares no Estado de Sao Paulo 2016. Technical Report. url: https://cetesb.sp.gov.br/veicular/relatorios-e-publicacoes/.


if (FALSE) { a <- ef_cetesb("CO", "PC_G") a <- ef_cetesb("R_10_25", "PC_G") a <- ef_cetesb("CO", c("PC_G", "PC_FE")) ef_cetesb(p = "CO", veh = "PC_G", year = 2018, agemax = 40) ef_cetesb(p = "CO", veh = "PC_G", year = 1970, agemax = 40) ef_cetesb(p = "CO", veh = "PC_G", year = 2030, agemax = 40) }