emis_to_streets allocates emissions proportionally to each feature. "Spatial" objects are converter to "sf" objects. Currently, 'LINESTRING' or 'MULTILINESTRING' supported. The emissions are distributed in each street.

emis_to_streets(streets, dfemis, by = "ID", stpro, verbose = TRUE)



sf object with geometry 'LINESTRING' or 'MULTILINESTRING'. Or SpatialLinesDataFrame


data.frame with emissions


Character indicating the columns that must be present in both 'street' and 'dfemis'


data.frame with two columns, category of streets and value. The name of the first column must be "stpro" and the sf streets must also have a column with the nam "stpro" indicating the category of streets. The second column must have the name "VAL" indicating the associated values to each category of street


Logical; to show more info.


When spobj is a 'Spatial' object (class of sp), they are converted into 'sf'.

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if (FALSE) { data(net) stpro = data.frame(stpro = as.character(unique(net$tstreet)), VAL = 1:9) dnet <- net["ldv"] dnet$stpro <- as.character(net$tstreet) dnet$ID <- "A" df2 <- data.frame(BC = 10, CO = 20, ID = "A") ste <- emis_to_streets(streets = dnet, dfemis = df2) sum(ste$ldv) sum(net$ldv) sum(ste$BC) sum(df2$BC) ste2 <- emis_to_streets(streets = dnet, dfemis = df2, stpro = stpro) sum(ste2$ldv) sum(net$ldv) sum(ste2$BC) sum(df2$BC) }