get_project downloads a project for running vein. The projects are available on

get_project(directory, case = "brasil", url)



Character; Path to an existing or a new directory to be created.


Character; One of of the following:

brazil or brazil_bu or brasil or brasil_buBottom-upCETESB.rds
emislacovidBottom-up March 2020CETESB.rds
brazil_csvBottom-up. Faster but heavierCETESB.csv
brazil_td_chemTop-down with chemical mechanismsCETESB.csv and .rds
brazil_bu_chemBottom-up chemical mechanismsCETESB+tunnel.rds
brazil_bu_chem_streetsBottom-up chemical mechanisms for streets and MUNICHCETESB+tunnel.rds
brazil_td_chem_imTop-down with chemical mechanisms+IMCETESB.csv and .rds
brazil_bu_chem_imBottom-up chemical mechanisms+IMCETESB+tunnel.rds
brazil_bu_chem-monthBottom-up chemical mechanismsCETESB+tunnel.rds
brazil_bu_chem_streets_imBottom-up chemical mechanisms for streets and MUNICH+IMCETESB+tunnel.rds
sebr_cb05co2Top-down SP, MG and RJCETESB+tunnel.rds
amazon2014Top-down AmazonCETESB+tunnelcsv and.rds
curitibaBottom-down +GTFSCETESB+tunnelcsv and.rds
masp2020Bottom-downCETESB+tunnelcsv and.rds
ecuador_tdTop-downEEAcsv and.rds
ecuador_td_imTop-downEEAcsv and.rds
ecuador_td_hotTop-downEEAcsv and.rds
ecuador_td_hot_monthTop-downEEAcsv and.rds
moves_buBottom-upUS/EPA MOVEScsv and.rds (requires MOVES >=3.0 on Windows)
manizales_buBottom-up chemical mechanismsEEAcsv, csv.gz, .rds
sebr_cb05co2_imTop-down SP, MG and RJ IMCETESB+tunnel.rds
eu_bu_chemBottom-up chemical mechanismsEEA 2019.rds
eu_bu_chem_simpleBottom-up chemical mechanisms 7 vehEEA 2019.rds

String, with the URL to download VEIN project


default case can be any of "brasil", "brazil", "brazil_bu", "brasil_bu", they are the same In any case, if you find any error, please, send a pull request in github.

In Sao Paulo the IM programs was functioning until 2011.


if (FALSE) {
#do not run