split_emis split street emissions into a grid.

split_emis(net, distance, add_column, verbose = TRUE)



A spatial dataframe of class "sp" or "sf". When class is "sp" it is transformed to "sf" with emissions.


Numeric distance or a grid with class "sf".


Character indicating name of column of distance. For instance, if distance is an sf object, and you wand to add one extra column to the resulting object.


Logical, to show more information.


{ data(net) g <- make_grid(net, 1/102.47/2) #500m in degrees names(net) dim(net) netsf <- sf::st_as_sf(net)[, "ldv"] x <- split_emis(netsf, g) dim(x) g$A <- rep(letters, length = 20)[1:nrow(g)] g$B <- rev(g$A) netsf <- sf::st_as_sf(net)[, c("ldv", "hdv")] xx <- split_emis(netsf, g, add_column = c("A", "B")) }
#> Number of lon points: 23 #> Number of lat points: 19 #> #> Total Emissions 1946.955 kg #> Intersecting #> Total Emissions 1946.955 kg #> Total Emissions 2095.073 kg #> Intersecting #> Total Emissions 2095.073 kg #> Adding Column