ef_whe return weighted emission factors of vehicles considering that one part of the fleet has a normal deterioration and another has a deteriorated fleet that would be rejected in a inspection and mantainence program but it is still in circulation. This emission factor might be applicable in cities without a inspection and mantainence program and with Weighted emission factors considering that part of the fleet are high emitters.

ef_whe(efhe, phe, ef)



Numeric; Emission factors of high emitters vehicles. This vehicles would be rejected in a inspection and mantainnence program.


Numeric; Percentage of high emitters.


Numeric; Emission factors deteriorated vehicles under normal conditions. These vehicles would be approved in a inspection and mantainence program.


An emission factor by annual mileage.


if (FALSE) { # Do not run # Let's say high emitter is 5 times the normal ef. co_efhe <- ef_cetesb(p = "COd", "PC_G") * 5 # Let's say that the perfil of high emitters increases linearly # till 30 years and after that percentage is constant perc <- c(seq(0.01, 0.3, 0.01), rep(0.3, 20)) # Now, lets use our ef with normal deterioration co_ef_normal <- ef_cetesb(p = "COd", "PC_G") efd <- ef_whe(efhe = co_efhe, phe = perc, ef = co_ef_normal) # now, we can plot the three ef plot(co_efhe) lines(co_ef_normal, pch = 16, col = "red" ) lines(efd, pch = 16, col = "blue") }