emis_cold emissions are estimated as the product of the vehicles on a road, length of the road, emission factor avaliated at the respective speed.The estimation considers beta parameter, the fraction of mileage driven

emis_cold(veh, lkm, ef, efcold, beta, speed = 34, agemax = if
  (!inherits(x = veh, what = "list")) {     ncol(veh) } else {
  ncol(veh[[1]]) }, profile, simplify = FALSE, hour = nrow(profile),
  day = ncol(profile), array = TRUE, verbose = FALSE)



"Vehicles" data-frame or list of "Vehicles" data-frame. Each data-frame as number of columns matching the age distribution of that ype of vehicle. The number of rows is equal to the number of streets link


Length of each link


List of functions of emission factors of vehicular categories


List of functions of cold start emission factors of vehicular categories


Datraframe with the hourly cold-start distribution to each day of the period. Number of rows are hours and columns are days


Speed data-frame with number of columns as hours


Age of oldest vehicles for that category


Numerical or dataframe with nrows equal to 24 and ncol 7 day of the week


Logical; to determine if EmissionsArray should les dimensions, being streets, vehicle categories and hours or default (streets, vehicle categories, hours and days). Default is FALSE to avoid break old code, but the recommendation is that new estimations use this parameter as TRUE


Number of considered hours in estimation


Number of considered days in estimation


Deprecated! emis_cold returns only arrays. When TRUE and veh is not a list, expects a profile as a dataframe producing an array with dimensions (streets x columns x hours x days)


Logical; To show more information


EmissionsArray g/h


if (FALSE) { # Do not run data(net) data(pc_profile) data(fe2015) data(fkm) data(pc_cold) pcf <- as.data.frame(cbind(pc_cold,pc_cold,pc_cold,pc_cold,pc_cold,pc_cold, pc_cold)) PC_G <- c(33491,22340,24818,31808,46458,28574,24856,28972,37818,49050,87923, 133833,138441,142682,171029,151048,115228,98664,126444,101027, 84771,55864,36306,21079,20138,17439, 7854,2215,656,1262,476,512, 1181, 4991, 3711, 5653, 7039, 5839, 4257,3824, 3068) veh <- data.frame(PC_G = PC_G) pc1 <- my_age(x = net$ldv, y = PC_G, name = "PC") pcw <- temp_fact(net$ldv+net$hdv, pc_profile) speed <- netspeed(pcw, net$ps, net$ffs, net$capacity, net$lkm, alpha = 1) pckm <- fkm[[1]](1:24); pckma <- cumsum(pckm) cod1 <- emis_det(po = "CO", cc = 1000, eu = "III", km = pckma[1:11]) cod2 <- emis_det(po = "CO", cc = 1000, eu = "I", km = pckma[12:24]) #vehicles newer than pre-euro co1 <- fe2015[fe2015$Pollutant=="CO", ] #24 obs!!! cod <- c(co1$PC_G[1:24]*c(cod1,cod2),co1$PC_G[25:nrow(co1)]) lef <- ef_ldv_scaled(co1, cod, v = "PC", cc = "<=1400", f = "G",p = "CO", eu=co1$Euro_LDV) # Mohtly average temperature 18 Celcius degrees lefec <- ef_ldv_cold_list(df = co1, ta = 18, cc = "<=1400", f = "G", eu = co1$Euro_LDV, p = "CO" ) lefec <- c(lefec,lefec[length(lefec)], lefec[length(lefec)], lefec[length(lefec)], lefec[length(lefec)], lefec[length(lefec)]) length(lefec) == ncol(pc1) #emis change length of 'ef' to match ncol of 'veh' class(lefec) PC_CO_COLD <- emis_cold(veh = pc1, lkm = net$lkm, ef = lef, efcold = lefec, beta = pcf, speed = speed, profile = pc_profile) class(PC_CO_COLD) plot(PC_CO_COLD) lpc <- list(pc1, pc1) PC_CO_COLDv2 <- emis_cold(veh = pc1, lkm = net$lkm, ef = lef, efcold = lefec, beta = pcf, speed = speed, profile = pc_profile, hour = 2, day = 1) class(PC_CO_COLDv2) plot(PC_CO_COLDv2) }